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Top ten YouTube: August 2019

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Top ten YouTube: August 2019

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Top ten YouTube: August 2019

More updates on the redevelopment of Douglas promenade, we hear about the fare free campaign, why a dog food manufacturer decided to move to the Island and the dramatic video of a Manx tram colliding with a car in Laxey.

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Tram crash video released


Isle of Man Constabulary have released dramatic video showing a local driver turning across the path of an oncoming Manx Electric Tram in the centre of Laxey village.




Cat Jenkins: her story


We've asked Cat Jenkins back to the studio to talk in more detail about her battle with alcohol addition. In part one she talks about the problems she has had and what it has done to her.

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HM Sole: standing for MLC position


'King of Moraceae' HM Sole reveals he is putting himself forward to be considered for a seat on the Legislative Council for the next elections in 2020, subject to getting the support needed from MHKs.

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James Wigby: Akela pet foods


We meet James Wigby, a pet food maker entrepreneur, who has recently relocated to the Isle of Man. So why did the man behind the Akela pet foods brand move here?

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TS John Jerwood Sea Cadets


Captain Lee Clarke talks to us aboard the sea cadets training vessel TS John Jerwood on its visit to the Isle of Man.

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Douglas prom update: Manx Utilities Authority


MUA chairman Dr Alex Allinson and vice chairman Tim Crookall talk about the authorities involvement with the Douglas Promenade upgrade work and how they hope communication with the public will improve.

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Douglas Promenade works: update


A look at the latest work taking place on the Douglas Promenade, which includes replacing the old street lights with new LED versions.

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HM Sole: new political party


HM Sole reveals his intention to start a new political party and fight all 24 seats at the next House of Keys elections in 2021.

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Fare Free Campaign: Isle of Man


Devon Watson, the spokesperson for the Fare Free Campaign, talks about the groups vision for free bus rides for everyone in a fully electric fleet.

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Douglas promenade roadworks: update


A look ahead to the next phase of work due to start on Douglas promenade after the finish of the Festival of Motorcycling.


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