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Same sex marriage: update

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Same sex marriage: update

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Same sex marriage: update

Following the reading of the new laws on Tynwald Hill the Manx Rainbow Association were dismayed to find out that the Same Sex Marriage Bill was not on the list to be promulgated.

The next day Cabinet Office explained it was still the expectation that Royal Assent for the Marriage and Civil Partnership Amendment Bill would be given in time for it to be announced at the July sitting of Tynwald, starting on the 19th of this month. Announcement of the Royal Assent will be the point at which the Bill becomes an Act and part of the law of the Isle of Man.


Further update to this video 9th July. Statement from Lee Vorster posted on social media:

I would like to start by apologising for the information that was passed on to the Isle of Man community via an interview conducted on the 5th July with MTTV. I acted on a press statement released by ITV that same sex marriage would be passed on the Isle of Man, this statement was later removed.

 I sought clarification from a Government official and acted on the information that was made available at the time. This was however wrong as the Government have now stated it was not timetabled to be on the agenda for Tynwald on the 5th July.

 Passion and anger got the better of me. When you are contained within a box and told you cannot do something, well the lid sometimes pops off. I should have sought further clarification before being interviewed. I have gone head to head with Mr Murcott so many times before, that perhaps my judgement was impaired.

 I don't understand how anyone can stop love. Mr Murcott has confirmed he has placed a petition and may now launch legal action against the bill. When you see people getting married and you are witness to the love and joy between them you are made to feel different and less knowing it’s not available to you. Civil Partnerships have that joy too of course but we should all be offered the choice as equals.

 I knew this law was due to be updated but when I was told it was being delayed I saw red. Weddings have been planned and love was going to win - finally. Same sex marriage is coming to the Isle of Man and I very much look forward to the day when everyone has the right to marry the person they love.

 I was wrong this time and allowed passion and anger to blur my responsibility to the Manx Rainbow Association. I take full responsibility for my actions.



On 19th July 2016 the bill allowing same-sex unions became law in the Isle of Man as it received Royal Assent by the Privy Council in the UK.

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