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Beach Buddies expanding to the UK

by TH

Beach Buddies expanding to the UK - picture

Beach Buddies is expanding off the Isle of Man.

This weekend a team of 10 volunteers will travel to the Lake District coastline to organise new beach cleaning groups in Ravenglass and Braystones.

The charity is meeting with local residents with the aim of kick-starting a new initiative to deal with the increasing amounts of marine litter on long stretches of coastline.

It’s the first of a series of visits planned by Beach Buddies during 2019 to spread the word about the achievements in the Isle of Man.

The trip has been sponsored by the Steam Packet Company which has provided a mini bus and transport for two vehicles from the Island to Heysham.

The visit is hot on the heels of a BBC documentary on Beach Buddies featured on the “Inside Out” programme last week, and also screened at the weekend on national BBC News and BBC World News.

Beach Buddies Founder Bill Dale says: “The BBC documentary has resulted in messages from all around the world in the last few days, and has had a massive impact.

“One small example has been to inspire one family in Amsterdam who saw BBC World News to go out and clean up the canals near their home.

“We have been trying to get this story out around the world for years and now finally it is starting to happen.

“It sends out a great message about the Isle of Man, but most importantly, we hope it gives hope to everyone that the problem of marine litter can be resolved if communities get together.

“It’s hoped our example here will help kick-start something similar happening from grass roots level in Ravenglass and Braystones, and hopefully all along the nearby coastline.

“Media coverage makes a huge difference, and we’re hoping this will again help make this weekend produce some positive initiatives for the future.”

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