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Sextortion becoming more prevalent on Island say police

by TH

Sextortion becoming more prevalent on Island say police - picture

Police say ‘sextortion’ is becoming more prevalent on the Isle of Man.

Officers say a local resident has been targeted twice this week by someone trying to blackmail them.

The blackmailer accused them of having video footage of a sexual nature which they have threatened to distribute to friends and family unless they receive payment in bitcoin.

They say they believe there will be other victims but due to the nature of the blackmail think they will be ‘reluctant’ to come forward.

Sextortion is defined as blackmail in which sexual information or images are used to extort sexual favours and/or money from the victim.

This online blackmail is often conducted by sophisticated organised criminal networks operating out of business-like locations similar to call centres.

In a statement on Facebook the Isle of Man Constabulary says criminals often target hundreds of individuals around the world simultaneously in an attempt to increase their chances of finding a victim.

If you believe you are being targeted stop all contact with the blackmailer and report the matter to the police, online service provider and social network administrator. 

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