Isle of Man News - POSTED Thu 01-11-2018

Glass lamp causes house fire in Colby

by TH

Glass lamp causes house fire in Colby  - picture

Firefighters have blamed the low winter sunlight for a blaze in Colby on Tuesday.

They were called to a house in Cronk-Y-Thatcher just after 10.45pm.

The owner of the property had returned home to find their home smoke logged.

Further investigations revealed a bedside lamp had caught fire and was smouldering.

The Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service say the sunlight had refracted the sun’s rays through the glass lamp which had then set fire to a paperback book and the table.

They say items such as shaving mirrors, glass jars and bottles, paperweights and glass door knobs have been known to start fires.

People are being urged to remove these items from sunlight and shut curtains

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