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Tynwald Day rescue for Ramsey Lifeboat

by TH

Tynwald Day rescue for Ramsey Lifeboat - picture

Ramsey Lifeboat helped rescue two people on a potting vessel last night after their engine failed.

The RNLI was called into action at 7.40pm to assist the seven-metre vessel which had broken down half a mile south east of Port Mooar.

The lifeboat reached the stricken boat by 8.05pm and towed it back towards Ramsey Harbour – mooring it at the harbour entrance due to low tide.

Dr Gordon Dickens, a member of the shore crew and also a Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer for the Isle of Man said: "This incident had a happy ending for all concerned.

"It was daylight and sea conditions were fair.

"In this sort of situation a tried and tested means of anchoring plus a standby means of power is useful.

"The mobile phone worked well in this case but a VHF radio is preferable as the signal can be traced thus enabling a vessel in distress to be located.

"And it is always advisable to wear a lifejacket."

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