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Commissioners tackle dog fouling in Rushen

by TH

Commissioners tackle dog fouling in Rushen - picture

Efforts are underway to stop the streets of Rushen being ruined by dog mess.

That’s according to Rushen Parish Commissioners who are updating the policy and byelaws in relation to dogs.

They say they want to hear the views of constituents who are concerned about irresponsible dog owners and dog fouling.

Spokesman Justin Young explains: "We have many very responsible dog owners with well-behaved dogs in Rushen but sadly a few people continue to let the side down by not looking after their dogs properly, or clearing up after them.

"The Commissioners wish to work with dog owners and parishioners to make Rushen Parish a good place where dogs and people can live safely and happily together."

Anyone who would be willing to help control dog fouling and intimidation – as well as to help promote more responsible dog ownership – has been asked to get in touch.

Comments can be e-mailed to – the consultation will run until Friday, April 6th.

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