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Beach Buddies calling for CCTV after fly-tipping

by TH

Beach Buddies calling for CCTV after fly-tipping - picture

Should CCTV be installed on Marine Drive in a bid to stop fly-tipping?

That’s the suggestion of local beach cleaning charity FIM Capital Beach Buddies.

It wants to put a camera at the entrance to help catch people tipping household items over the coastline.

Founder Bill Dale explains: "This has now gone over the edge - literally.

"We all try to be tolerant but there is a small minority of the population who are forever making a mess of things for the vast majority.

"Enough is enough."

Televisions, cookers, mattresses, computers and fridges have been found at the bottom of the cliffs before.

The charity says the problem isn't just confined to Marine Drive – with an increase in the amount of commercial and domestic waste dumped in its 38 bins around the Island.  

Bill says: "Building materials have recently become the majority of what we find, but we also find loads of domestic items like computers and TVs.

"We even found a small fridge in one of our bins one day.

"In most cases - which makes it more unbelievable - virtually all of the items being thrown over the Marine Drive and into our bins do not incur any charges at the amenity sites.

"These people could be fined up to £2,500 for fly-tipping, when all they have to do is drive to the amenity site and drop it off - for nothing. It beggars belief." 

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