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Hunt for an unknown singer

by LC

Hunt for an unknown singer - picture A 50-year-old recording has recently been uncovered and attempts are being made to find out who the unknown singer is.

Captured live at a Christmas church service in 1968, the recording features a traditional Manx song which has caught the attention of Culture Vannin.

‘This performance is something very special,’ said Dr Chloe Woolley, Manx Music Development Officer at Culture Vannin, ‘it is amazing to discover it hidden here in an old recording of a church service.’

The song, ‘Oikan ayns Bethlehem’ (Child in Bethlehem’), is a traditional song in Manx Gaelic about the baby Jesus. It was collected from the 84-year-old Tom Caine of Douglas in the 1890s by W. H. Gill (who was later to compose the Manx National Anthem). The song is one of the songs from Isle of Man’s unique ‘carval’ tradition, and one of the most popular.

‘This song has been performed by many of the leading musicians today, including Ruth Keggin, Caarjyn Cooidjagh & Emma Christian. But this 1968 performance has something special about it. It would be wonderful to be able to attribute it to someone.’

It is not known where on the Isle of Man the recording was made, but it is believed that it is likely to be in Lonan, Onchan or Douglas. It was made by the former World War II internee and friend of Mona Douglas, Baron Nikolai Giovanelli.

The song can be heard via the Culture Vannin website:

If anybody has any information, please contact Culture Vannin on 01624 676169

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