Isle of Man News - POSTED Thu 07-12-2017

Conclusion of law suit means focus can revert to Gubay's charitable causes

by LC

The late Albert Gubay’s Executors are hoping that yesterday’s successful conclusion of an eight year law suit brought by Peter Willers will now allow them to focus their energies on Albert Gubay’s charitable legacy.

The Isle of Man Court has finally dismissed all but one of the six claims made by Peter Willers against Albert Gubay. Despite claiming many millions of pounds Mr. Willers has only succeeded in being awarded £13,166.20.

The Executors are hopeful that this protracted and wasteful litigation is now at an end and they can fulfil their obligations to transfer the maximum possible amount to Albert Gubay’s charitable arrangements. They want to concentrate their efforts on working with the other Trustees to maximize the funds finding their way to good causes. Since Albert Gubay’s death in 2016 grants in excess of £7 million have already been provided for deserving causes. Hopefully, with the end of this litigation, the Executors can concentrate more on this worthwhile work.

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