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DHSC commences programme to reduce staff numbers

by LC

DHSC commences programme to reduce staff numbers - picture

The Department of Health and Social Care remains committed to protecting frontline services while taking a further step towards financial sustainability by seeking to identify staff at management grades willing to use the Isle of Man Government’s Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme (MARS).

This follows the freeze on recruitment of non-essential roles announced last month and reinforces the pledge made within the Programme for Government to ensure everyone receives good value health and social care services.

Members of staff in relevant grades will be able to apply for MARS until 29 December 2017. The DHSC will be supported in this process by colleagues in the Office of Human Resources.

Health and Social Care Minister Kate Beecroft MHK said: ‘I made clear in the House of Keys on 7 November 2017 that we aim to be able to deliver health and care services to the communities of the Isle of Man with the funds allocated to us by Tynwald each year; and no more.’

‘The temporary recruitment freeze on jobs which are not essential to the delivery of frontline services was our first action, allowing us to put the brake on a certain proportion of our expenditure. Seeking reductions in management roles is a further definitive measure.’

‘The DHSC must become financially sustainable, and reducing our expenditure is essential.  Carefully managed reductions in some areas of our employee costs will not affect the services for the public provided by the department.’

While frontline services will be protected, resources continue to be committed to delivering improvements in healthcare through the Government-wide Digital Strategy, which is already creating significant savings for the Department through the use of technology.

MARS has been used successfully to reduce staff numbers during periods of change in various parts of Government. In contrast to redundancy, it is a voluntary scheme allowing discussion about the need for certain roles and encouraging restructuring. Only those members of DHSC staff at defined management grades will be invited to apply for MARS while the scheme is open.

Applicants can be paid a lump sum maximum of 12 months’ pay, based on a month’s pay for each completed year of service.

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