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Ramsey Courthouse Acquisition Approved

by LC

Ramsey Town Commissioners have received notification from the Department of Infrastructure advising that the Department has:

1)            approved the application under section 25 of the Local Government Act 1985 to purchase Ramsey Courthouse and Grounds from the Department of Home Affairs in consideration of a 25 year leasehold interest in the Police Office, Ramsey Town Hall for a nominal consideration of £1 per annum, and the payment of the sum of £80,000.
2)            approved the granting of a lease to the Department of Home Affairs, for 25 years from 1st April 2018, at an annual payment of £1, of the Police Office premises at Ramsey Town Hall.
3)            given Ramsey Town Commissioners consent under Section 26 of the Local Government Act 1963 to look at future uses of the Courthouse with a view to improving the amenity of the district.

Andy Cowie, Chairman of Ramsey Town Commissioners, commented:

“Ramsey Commissioners are delighted to have finally received consent from the DoI to proceed with the formal acquisition of the Ramsey Courthouse. We are now able to proceed with the next phase of our strategy to determine the best use of the historic facility for benefit of the people of Ramsey and our visitors alike.

As part of this strategy we will be looking to host an open day in the near future to allow everyone to see the facility and ask for expressions of interest from sympathetic parties with useful and productive ideas to use the facility.

It has been a significant exercise to secure the Courthouse and we are extremely grateful for all the support from residents, MHKs, members of the public and the DHA. “

In accordance with s.25(3)(b) of the Local Government Act 1985, the transaction was advertised by Ramsey Town Commissioners in the local newspaper, and no views were received in response to the notice.

A notice will be published when the details open day has been confirmed and also to confirm the process for those wishing to submit and expression of interest. Instructions have been given to the Commissioners’ Advocates who, in conjunction with HM Attorney Generals Chambers, will progress the transfer and registration of the legal title for the property.

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