Isle of Man News - POSTED Tue 27-06-2017

High strength MDMA likely to be in circulation in Island

by LC

The Public Health Directorate is warning drugs users to be vigilant after being made aware of two particularly potent forms of MDMA (Ecstasy tablets) circulating in the North West of England and Jersey.

The tablets are known as ‘magic’ or ‘pink champagne’ in the North West of England and come in crystal form. In Jersey they are yellow and blue tablets stamped with the word ‘IKEA’. It is likely that both these drugs are circulating in the Isle of Man.

The Ecstasy tablets are unusually potent and very small amounts can cause severe or fatal toxicity.

Families, carers and others in contact with Ecstasy users should be vigilant for the signs of overdose which include rigid muscles, shallow breathing, a fast-racing pulse, hyper-aggression, seizure, foaming at the mouth and unconsciousness.

The Public Health Directorate urges anyone who thinks they may have taken the drug or knows someone who begins to show symptoms to call an ambulance immediately.

Ecstasy users should be extremely cautious about the sources of their drugs and should seek treatment and advice from the Drug and Alcohol Team by calling 617889.

Any users not in contact with the Drug and Alcohol Team are urged to seek support from the team to reduce their risk of harm.

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