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Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust donates £68,000 to endoscopy services

by LC

Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust donates £68,000 to endoscopy services - picture

A substantial donation from the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust has contributed towards a significant enhancement in endoscopy screening facilities at Noble’s Hospital.

The Trust, which works to support the provision of high quality healthcare in the Isle of Man, contributed almost £68,000 to allow the purchase of an Endoscopy Video System Processor and Workstation Platform for the new Endoscopy Unit, which opened last year.

Investment in the state-of-the-art equipment was part of major improvement to endoscopy services and patient care, which included the provision of a dedicated new unit which is not shared with other services.

The video system processor and workstation platform funded by the Trust has enabled two procedure rooms at the Endoscopy Unit to be equipped, as well as allowing the use of the latest technological developments in upper and lower endoscopy to assist with diagnosis and treatment, and maintaining standardisation of endoscopy equipment across both the main theatre and the new unit, which provides a training benefit for staff and reduces risk.

It also addresses health and safety issues as it is a wireless platform. Previously the video image was relayed to a TV monitor through a large umbilical cord which posed a risk of trips and falls and could easily be damaged as it was on the floor. The Trust-funded platform removes these issues as the video image is relayed wirelessly to the monitor via WiFi.

Endoscopy, which employs a tube containing a miniature camera and light to examine inside the body, is used to investigate and diagnose a wide variety of symptoms commonly affecting the throat, stomach, bowel and urinary system, as well as for treatment. There has been a steady rise in demand for endoscopy services, in part due to the introduction of bowel screening for the over 60s in 2011.

Kate Beecroft, Minister for Health and Social Care, said: ‘Endoscopy services are rapidly evolving at Noble’s Hospital and the purchase of an additional platform has allowed more flexibility in managing the endoscopy workload between two rooms.

‘As public awareness of colon cancer increases so does the demand for effective methods of detection, surveillance and prevention. Since the introduction of the bowel screening programme the demand has increased and is expected to increase even further.

‘The provision of this new platform, which has been so generously supported by the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust, has improved services, enhanced working practices and allowed us to further respond to the growing demand. It is a significant element of the step forward endoscopy services have taken with the opening of the new unit, and on behalf of the Department I’d like to thank the Trust for its ongoing investment in ensuring the Isle of Man continues to deliver high quality health care.’

The Trust was originally established in 1888 by the Island’s greatest benefactor, Henry Bloom Noble, in memory of his wife Rebecca. It was dedicated to improving healthcare in the Isle of Man and today, thanks to generous public donations and bequests, the Trust continues that work by funding the provision of new equipment, training and education, research and measures to improve conditions in hospitals, care homes and at home for convalescing patients, the sick, disabled, handicapped and infirm people.

When technological advances which can improve patient care and outcomes are identified, the Trust can contribute funds after careful consideration of the benefits.

Trust chairman Terry Groves said: ‘Endoscopy is increasingly used to investigate, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, and the Department has made a significant investment in improving the patient experience by creating a dedicated unit for the services. We studied the proposal for the video system processor and workstation platform and it was clear that patient care would be enhanced through its provision, as well as working conditions for staff being vastly improved.

‘We’re pleased to have been able to ensure the unit had access to this state-of-the-art equipment, to ensure patients and staff can utilise the very best technology available.’

The Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust relies on donations and bequests from the public. If you would like to support the Trust, visit the website, email or call 616108.

Photo - Representatives of the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust with staff from the Endoscopy Unit.

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