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Visit highlights strengths of Manx education

by LC

Visit highlights strengths of Manx education - picture

School leaders from Spain visit the Isle of Man this month to find out about the strengths of the Manx education system.

The 40-strong group, from schools in and around Madrid, will be on the Island from Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March.
As part of a leadership development tour, the group is looking at innovation in education.

Graham Cregeen MHK, Minister for Education and Children, said: ‘I am delighted to welcome this group to experience what our education system offers children and young people.

‘A guiding principle of the Programme for Government is promoting lifelong learning so being in a position to be able to support this in an international context is not only beneficial for our visitors but is also a real opportunity for our own schools to reflect upon and celebrate their successes.’

The visit is led by Dave Harris, an international education presenter and author. Mr Harris’ link to the Isle of Man started a number of years ago when he undertook work with the Department of Education and Children (DEC) around the transition of pupils from primary to secondary school.

Mr Harris said: ‘Since retiring from headship four years ago, I have chosen to work in areas with a positive, forward-thinking approach to education, two of the best examples of these being the Isle of Man and Escuelas Catolicas Madrid (ECM), which serves more than 300 Roman Catholic Schools.'

He added: ‘ECM provides educational support and services for the schools around learning and leadership in much the same way that the DEC does in the Isle of Man.

‘This is a real opportunity for the Island to celebrate the many positives of its education system and I know that this visit will create numerous benefits for the visiting headteachers and their schools.’

During its visit, the group will learn about Manx culture and history as part of the curriculum in Island schools as well as through presentations and visits to heritage sites.

Photo - Dave Harris.

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