Isle of Man News - POSTED Fri 01-08-2014

Ebola risk 'virtually zero'

by Joanne Clague

Ebola risk 'virtually zero' - picture

Worldwide concern about the ebola outbreak has prompted the government to move to reassure local residents.

The Department of Health and Social Care says there have been several outbreaks of ebola in the past and no cases have been imported into the UK or Europe. Nearly 700 people have been killed by the disease in the outbreak in Africa. The fatality rate is 90 per cent and there is no treatment or cure.

The department states: 'There is no need for concern about the outbreak in Africa. The chances of importing a case of ebola into the Isle of Man are very low. The risk of an outbreak locally is virtually zero. The Public Health Directorate of the DHSC is keeping close links with Public Health England and the World Health Authority (WHO) to monitor the situation and will implement appropriate action if the situation changes.'

The Isle of Man has donated £50,000 to help raise awareness of ebola in the affected countries in Africa, where the Red Cross is co-ordinating an aid campaign (pictured).

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