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Public urged to be flood aware

by Joanne Clague

Public urged to be flood aware - picture

Following the severe floods at the start of this year, government agencies are working to improve public awareness of the dangers, ahead of high spring tides forecast for August and September.

In January, towns and villages were flooded because of a combination of high tides and stormy weather conditions, with Ramsey and Castletown particularly affected.

Flooding of promenades and harbour areas is a risk again between August 10 to August 15, with a maximum high tide forecast for the early hours of August 13. There's a further risk of flooding from September 8-12, with the highest tide forecast for the early hours of September 11.

A spokesman for Manx Utilities said: 'Even though spring tide heights can be forecast, weather conditions can significantly affect final heights. If high spring tides occur at the same time as low pressure weather systems, then they have the potential to cause flooding, as seen earlier this year and in previous years.

'Early indications are that there will not be particularly adverse weather conditions on these forthcoming occasions, however, Ronaldsway Met Office will continue to monitor the situationand will keep the various agencies and the public informed if weather conditions become likely to cause a risk of localised flooding at any time.'

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