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Queenie industry latest

by Joanne Clague

Queenie industry latest - picture

Queen scallop fishing will be permitted on a limited basis, DEFA has confirmed.

And there will be government aid for the fishing industry.

Last month, scientists recommended that the fishing beds should be allowed to recover this season, with huge implications for those who rely on the industry. As an interim measure, queenie fishing will be allowed from July 2 for a fortnight, with limits on the daily catch, number of days at sea and with the grounds opened in rotation.

DEFA Minister Phil Gawne said: 'We are working hard, with the excellent support of the Manx Fish Producers’ Organisation and the co-operation and understanding of those in the industry, to reach a compromise that will ensure some fishing takes place this summer, while also trying to allow rapid recovery of the stocks.'

The queenie management board meets again next Tuesday to agree the next step.

Meanwhile, Mr Gawne is encouraging the public to support this weekend's Sure Queenie Festival in Port St Mary.

He said: 'In the meantime, I want to send out a strong message to the fishing industry that the Department will support it through this difficult period. In the past we have had ‘tie-up’ schemes and we are giving consideration to a similar scheme this year as well as a scheme that will aid fishermen to diversify into other catches while Queenie stocks recover.’

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