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Cannabis in the Keys

by Joanne Clague

Cannabis in the Keys - picture

Legalising cannabis would require major changes to legislation and an extensive consultation process, Health Minister Howard Quayle told the House of Keys this morning.

Asked to clarify his department's position, Mr Quayle said he had no plans to review the existing policy, adding: 'If you had twenty doctors in a room and asked them for an opinion on the benefits of cannabis you would get a mixed viewpoint.'

This was then demonstrated in the House, with Speaker Steve Rodan warning members not to start a debate on the issue. Brenda Cannell pointed out that other countries including the United States had legalised the drug and were making money out of doing so. She said Chief Minister Allan Bell's stance on the issue was enlightened.

Peter Karran asked Mr Quayle to consider decriminalising cannabis for medical conditions, while Leonard Singer said medication containing cannabis was already available on prescription.

Mr Quayle said politicians had made clear their personal viewpoints, adding: 'Personally, I would be opposed to legalising drugs to make money. That's a personal view.'

He said: 'We can have (a political debate) but it's not up to me to change policy.'

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