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S.P.A.C.E. Successfully Concludes Inaugural Events

by Anna Hemy

S.P.A.C.E. Successfully Concludes Inaugural Events - picture The Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers (S.P.A.C.E or SPACE), an educational and research institution successfully concluded its SPACE: From Foray to Habitation conference on July 10, 2012. This two-day conference served both as a gathering point for space visionaries interested in overcoming barriers to spaceflight as well as an opening ceremony for the nascent nonprofit company SPACE.
Notable attendees gave talks discussing new ways of conducting teaching space studies to students, overcoming technical barriers, and overcoming legal barriers with both SPACE personnel and SPACE supporters. Among SPACE personnel, we had the notables of Roy Tucker who is a prolific asteroid discoverer and Virgiliu Pop who is a well-known space lawyer focused on outer space property rights. SPACE supporters included Tim Craine who is presently in charge of the space sector of the Isle of Man government, Dr. Dorin Prunariu who was formerly head of UNCUPUOS and presently head of Association of Space Explorers, Rick Tumlinson who is a well-known Texas space entrepreneur, Dr. David Hyland who is a professor at Texas A&M University, Chris Welch who is the Director of Masters Program at the International Space University (ISU), and last but not least Art Dula who is the founder and CEO of Excalibur Almaz.
All keynotes were also present in panel discussions and gave insightful answers to discussions on topics such as “What is your vision for the future of space education?”, “What new technologies can provide fundamental paradigm shifts in opening spaceflight?”, etc.
The Jurby social which was graciously supported by Excalibur Almaz was also a huge success thanks to the efforts of both SPACE and Excalibur Almaz. There, conference attendees had the opportunity to poke around and climb into real space hardware that has flown in the 1970s and which Excalibur Almaz plans to launch to the moon in the near future. Art Dula of Excalibur Almaz gave a speech on his own company’s plans before declaring his support for SPACE and concluding his speech with giving the floor to SPACE co-founders to the podium which included CEO Shen Ge, COO Neha Satak, CVO Virgiliu Pop, CMO Hyerim Kim, CTO Darkhan Alimzhanov, and Specialist Roy Tucker. Dr. David Hyland of Texas A&M University was also presented given that the establishment of SPACE was inspired by a series of conversations between him and Roy Tucker.
Overall, the conference was a resounding success and provided even more upsurge of interest in both SPACE and the Space Isle. Conference documents and media document can be seen on the SPACE Conference website at
The SPACE conference may be over but SPACE itself is just beginning. Aside from continuing our research initiatives, we are already planning our next event called the SPACE Retreat which will be next winter in January/February on the Canary Islands. More details on that will be released soon but for now, SPACE co-founders and Isle of Man people are both very happy that the beginnings of another space company has revealed itself there.

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