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Katherine Crowe 1975 - 2014

by Paul Moulton

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Long term cancer sufferer Katherine Crowe has died. Husband Andy announced her passing late on Wednesday evening. 

"She's gone! At 9.50 tonight 7th May 2014, My beautiful, inspiring and perfect wife and soul mate slipped peacefully away. She waited to see the last of her closest friends and made sure all of the loose ends were tied up. Rest my beauty - I'll see you on the flip side XX All my love, Andy"

Born in Kent in 1975 she realised early on that she had a passion for music . Her dad bought an old pianola from an auction. She could never afford piano lessons so learnt to play it by ear.

After finishing college she got signed to an Indie label, made a video and recorded her first album Missionary Girl.

Katherine came to the Isle of Man to find work in a bank and to continue making music.

Many people had been following her long battle with cancer on her blog site. Katherine's last entry was in March.

"So here I am in Nobles again and wondering again if I will ever recover - I have only been escaped for like 4 days or something and its getting harder and harder to keep positive, to keep wading through treacle in the hope for a better tomorrow.
But what else can I do other than try and keep hopeful that somehow by giving myself up to the universe and just free falling somehow I will make it to whatever destination is planned for me. Or maybe there is not one? Who knows, all I know is that the journey there lately is so tough that it even makes focusing on now very hard because now is so hard."

"Yet still when I allow myself to just be in the moment, in this moment I am peaceful and a great calmness does come over me. So I still think it is best to be here and present in the now - its the only place to be."

"I am so sad that my kids have to keep getting there hearts broken, one minute I am home and then gone again. That tears me apart, but again if I give in to it and allow it to be just what it is then a peace and calm falls over me. Nothing can be done to change it only the way I deal with it. And I can't bare to make anything harder than is necessary."

"Ill keep this short cos my arms are hurting typing this I am in an odd position to type but the only one that I can get into."

"I LOVE MY FAMILY AND PLEASE WANT TO GO HOME AND STAY HOME for a while longer than 4 days please…………..pretty please and to feel better again if that is possible………….."

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