Isle of Man News - POSTED Tue 01-04-2014

Radical changes to govt

by Joanne Clague

Radical changes to govt - picture

A major streamlining of the Manx Government, including a reduction in the number of departments and the creation of the Manx Utilities Authority, takes effect from today.

More support functions are being centralised including catering, cleaning and vehicle fleet management, while a new Cabinet Office will be responsible for policy and reform.

Chief Minister Allan Bell said: 'For the public it should be business as usual in terms of the services they receive. For many of our staff, however, this is a time of considerable upheaval and uncertainty. We know that this is making life difficult for them, but they are continuing to work with an undiminished commitment and dedication to public service.

'Government has to change if we are to overcome the unprecedented challenges facing the Island and achieve public services that are sustainable for the future. But change on this scale is unsettling for the staff affected and it raises questions which can’t all be answered immediately.'

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