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Roadworks setback won't cost tax payer

by Joanne Clague

Roadworks setback won't cost tax payer - picture

The Peel Road project will finish 11 weeks ahead of schedule, despite the need to replace substandard sections, according to Infrastructure Minister Laurence Skelly.

He's confirmed that corrective work is underway and that there will be no cost to the government.

Mr Skelly said the results of routine tests had identified weaknesses in some areas of the asphalt construction. He said: 'This affects about five per cent of the carriageway area. The requirement to maintain entrances to businesses at all times and other traffic management restrictions on the site made working in the affected areas particularly challenging for the contractor and limited the type of equipment that could be used.

'As is normal with construction projects we have been working closely with our construction partner to identify the appropriate solution to this particular problem. A solution has been agreed with our sub-contractor; the company has started the corrective work. The rectification work includes removing substandard asphalt and relaying it to the appropriate requirements. This additional work will take around one week to complete and will be undertaken at no additional cost to the department.'

Work on the main route into Douglas should be finished by March 21. Then the department will pave the final course of asphalt on to the road and paint the road markings. The cycle lane will be the last to be completed and, as this needs warm and dry conditions, may not be finished until later in the year.

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