Isle of Man News - POSTED Sat 08-03-2014

MHK to stand for MLC

by Paul Moulton

MHK to stand for MLC - picture

South Douglas MHK David Cretney has confirmed he has been asked to stand as a member of the Legislative Council.


Speaking to MTTV he said: 'If I have the support required I will allow my name to be put forward for one term but my long standing position of supporting the democratic election of LegCo would remain.'

When asked if this daughter Sarah was thinking of standing as an MHK at the next election he said he had no news to give at this stage.

Mr Cretney has also been talking about his return to tourism and motorsports after eight years away from being 'Minister of Fun'.

He said he could not be happier with the position at the Department of Economic Development.

Mr Cretney has stood down from the Council of Ministers after almost 18 years following the news that he would not be contesting the 2016 General Election.

Under the boundary review recommendations South Douglas will disappear as a constituency and will be broken up into parts of West Douglas and Central Douglas.

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