Isle of Man News - POSTED Mon 27-01-2014

Outcry over Water Authority tax

by Joanne Clague

Outcry over Water Authority tax - picture

Thousands of people have signed a petition against the so-called 'toilet tax' by the Water Authority.

The online petition calls on Tynwald to reject a bid to impose a £50 annual tax on each household and business, rising to £100 next year. Chairman of the Water Authority, John Houghton says the charges are necessary to prevent the authority from going into deficit. The tax will be included in the rates bill.

This morning, the number of signatories had reached almost 3,000. The petition was launched on the petitionbuzz website at
the weekend.

It states: 'We refuse to pay this bill when it arrives while our money is being squandered on luxuries (£80 kerbstones, dining carriages for trains making a loss, and millions and millions of pounds worth of stakes in film studios seeing little return to name a few) by the government.'

Last week, Tynwald approved a move by Chief Minister Allan Bell to make savings by streamlining Government that included merging the Manx Electricity Authority and the Water Authority.

Tynwald is to be asked to approve the controversial tax coming into effect from April 1.

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