Isle of Man News - POSTED Thu 16-01-2014

Don't ignore money problems, says OFT

by Joanne Clague

Don't ignore money problems, says OFT - picture The Isle of Man's debt counselling service is urging people with money worries to get in touch.
Money management advice has been issued by the Office of Fair Trading at a time when budgets are tight.
A spokesman for the OFT's debt counselling service said: 'A lot of people are struggling to make ends meet at the moment. People are scrimping and saving to meet their monthly commitments, salaries and wages are being stretched to the max and in some cases people are short of cash at the end of the week or month.'
Belt tightening measures are suggested, such as reducing satellite television packages, shopping around for better car and home insurance deals and examining food budgets to cut down on wastage.
The OFT says: 'If, having made some economies and worked out a reasonable budget for the week or month, you don’t have enough money to repay your debt commitments– don’t panic. The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading has for many years been helping people to deal with their debts. We have given them an option rather than to continue with feelings of despair. We cannot offer to make the debts go away but we can help you get back in control.'
Contact the OFT's debt counselling service on 686510 or email - all correspondence is treated confidentially.

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