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Beckii Cruel releases new single

by Lisa Corkish

Sunday morning, 28th April 2013, saw Beckii Cruel's latest single released.

'Shi No Barado', or 'Ballad of Death' in English, is a collaboration with Bristol band Area 11.  As a rock ballad It is a real departure from Beckii's usual style, and is already getting great reviews on Youtube.  

Written by lead singer Tom 'Sparkles*' Clarke, It takes its inspiration from a Japanese Manga called "Death Note", which has sold over 26 million copies. The result is a moving and meaningful story recognisable far beyond its Japanese roots.

Beckii said:

"Area 11 approached me last year to ask if I'd appear on their album, and once I'd heard what they had planned I jumped at the chance. It really suited me vocally, and I love the way the harmonies work on it. The really fun bit was how much we did here on the Isle of Man. I recorded my vocals at Factory Lane Studio in Peel, and we filmed quite a bit of the video here too, at locations around the Island. I wonder how many people will recognise where? We also did a Japanese version, which was challenging to translate as well as perform.

We've got a few gigs planned in the UK over the coming months, and I'm really looking forward to performing with a live band. I also have a little talking part on the atmospheric opening track of their album 'All the Lights in the Sky'!  Hopefully we'll do more exciting stuff in the future too."

Shi No Barado is available on iTunes.

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