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Netball Reports, Results & Fixtures - Week 6

by Colette Gambell

Reports by Sadhbh O'Shea

Fencibles A - 33 v C&S Joinery C – 18
A week makes all the difference as Fencibles A came back from a week off to confidently beat C&S Joinery. C&S started strong and really piled on the pressure from the off, to build a small lead. The momentum swung the other way, after the first break, with Fencibles upping their game. From then, it was difficult for C&S to stay in touch and some small errors put an end to their winning hopes.
PoTM: Rachael Jarvis (Fencibles); Ellie Harrison (C&S Joinery)

Magic Carpets – 43 v PWC Manx Gems Emeralds – 17
Magic Carpets dominated from start to finish, for an ascendant victory against Emeralds. Emeralds were chasing right from the start, as Magic Carpets opened up the scoring. A tough start to the game for both teams, with neither getting the ball on target. Emeralds capitalised on their chances but too late to pull back the huge gap.
PoTM: Sara Collister (Magic Carpets); Helene Quaye (Emeralds)

Toomraiders – 19 v SMP Ballasalla B – 15
Toomraiders made it three victories in a row, after edging out Ballasalla B in a very tight encounter. Balla opened up scoring and had Toomraiders backed into a corner, early in the match. Both teams had equal opportunities and Toomraiders soon levelled the game, in the second quarter. Toomraiders seemed to take confidence in this and dominated the middle part of the game. Ballasalla regrouped, for a final surge, but it wasn’t enough to take the victory.
PoTM: Rachel Burge (Toomraiders); Lottie Pote (SMP)

Route 1 Connections - 34 v Thompson A – 22
Route 1 came back from a slow start to take their third consecutive victory, as they beat Thompson A. It was the story of the game for Thompson, while they made a good start to each quarter they tapered off towards the end. Once Route 1 got in to their groove, it was very difficult to stop them, but it seemed at times they were their own worst enemy. A few errors around the net caused some cross words, but it didn’t stop them from a dominating performance.
PoTM: Alice Willoughby (Route 1); Lesley Patterson (Thompson)

Absolute (Ramsey) – 17 v Manx Glass Saints – 18
A very intense game, that could have gone either way, Manx Glass Saints had to work hard to pip Ramsey to the victory. Saints’ strong start put Ramsey under pressure and defended well at the other end of the court. Despite falling behind, early on, Ramsey looked confident during the game. Ramsey’s determination shone through early on, as they began to reel them in. Saints just held off Ramsey and kept their league title hopes alive.
PoTM: Penny Doran (Ramsey); Ellen O’Neill (Manx Glass Saints)

SMP Ballasalla A - 35 v Missfits A – 33
Missfits just missed out, as they were edged out by a strong Ballasalla A. Missfits have made an impact this season in the premier division, but they couldn’t overhaul last year’s league winners. Both teams were eager to keep the pace of the game high and it meant neither could relax at all. There were some worrying moments for Missfits, when GD Vivia Styger went down but Ballasalla were still forced to give it their all, to hold off Missfits.
PoTM: Karli Seed (Ballasalla); Vivia Styger (Missfits)

Results Sunday 30th October 2011

Premier: SMP Ballasalla A 35, Missfits A 33; PWC Manx Gems Rubies 27, C&S Joinery B 47; Toomraiders 19, SMP Ballasalla B 15; Route 1 Connections 34, Thompson A 22;
Division 1: Absolute Scaffolding (Ramsey) 17, Manx Glass Saints 18; Teams DQ Hurricanes 32, Anglo Manx Electrical Services 9; Magic Carpets 43, PWC Manx Gems Emeralds 17; Fencibles A 33, C&S Joinery C 18.
Division 2: Fencibles B 22, PWC Manx Gems Sapphires 5; Thompson B 30, Missfits B 10; Moore Stephens Hurricanes 10, C&S Joinery D 22.

Fixtures Sunday 6th November 2011
NSC 1: 9am Thompson B v Moore Stephens Hurricanes; 10am SMP Ballasalla A v PWC MG Rubies;11am Absolute Scaffolding (Ramsey) v Anglo Manx Electrical Services.
NSC 2: 9am Route 1 Connections v SMP Ballasalla B; 10am Team DQ Hurricanes v PWC MG Emeralds;11am Fencibles B v Switched On Sharks.
CRHS: 9am Tooraiders v Missfits A; 10am C&S Joinery A v C&S Joinery B; 11am Route 1 Sparks v C&S Joinery D.
QEII: 10am Magic Carpets v Fencibles A; 11am PokerStars v C&S Joinery C.


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