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Naseem’s Manx Brain Tumour Charity

by Naseem’s Manx Brain Tumour Charity

Naseem’s Manx Brain Tumour Charity – offering support locally and to research in the North West Region
This is our very first news release since our charity came to be in October 2009. There has been some publicity in our local media about events coming up so it is fitting to give an explanation about our Charity at this time.
Our aims are to support Island residents who are suffering from a brain tumour by way of giving them financial support . We are also committed to find cures for brain tumours and passing on information about brain tumours in general. You will see throughout our website various pages and news features about our fundraising; where to look up information about brain tumours through the major UK organisations. We have basically gathered all the best sites and put them into our pages to save people searching.

We currently support two research programmes: One at Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology and one at Brain Tumour UK's lab at Wolverhampton. Dr Carol Walker is based at Clatterbridge and has had a varied research career. Carol is currently working with a research assistant on several work streams including Molecular markers and tissue bank samples. They are particularly interested in why some primary tumours spread to the brain and why low grade brain tumours turn to high grade. We would like to take this research a step further with Carol and her team and fund a PhD student who will focuses on research in a certain time frame. Indeed the University of Liverpool has a programme already written we just need to raise £125k to fund it. We are very fortunate to have a link with the research teams which will guarantee our community regular updates on their findings thus we will be able to report back on their interesting and crucial work.

We have supported a number of people locally and hopefully have created an awareness of brain tumours and where to go for help. We would welcome any feedback you may and can be contacted at our or by email Please also note, we have no admin, buildings costs or outgoings all monies donated go straight to patient comforts and to support research that will benefit Isle of Man's patients.

There are several events coming up throughout the year our major one being the Garden Party on 1st and 2nd July 2011. We are still short some financial sponsorship for that so if you are able to support the organisers please contact either Conrad on 335806 or Gianni on 250193. We appreciate times are financially hard and understand if you are unable to contribute. We also have a Facebook page entitled Naseems Manx Brain Tumour Charity. Please join us if you can. Finally "Please note that not all brain tumours are malignant don’t lose heart and find out more from our webpages pages".
Note for Editors: We can arrange interviews with Carol Walker to talk about the Research Project over the telephone should you require. just let us know. ". Gerry Pishvaie, Secretary to the Charity.


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