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Emergency services hub

POSTED: yesterday at 5:25 pm

Minister for Home Affairs Graham Cregeen MHK talks to Paul Moulton about the proposal to build a hub for the Island's Police, Fire and Rescue and ambulance service.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/S3jDQSH4t68


Fun Strongman Competition

POSTED: yesterday at 7:14 am

James Sowrey from J9 Performance gym in Ramsey talks to Paul Moulton about the fun strongman competition being held on Saturday which is supporting the local animal charity A.I.D. rescue.

 YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/jtvqJa3q9z8




Manx milk price increase

POSTED: yesterday at 7:13 am

Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture Geoffrey Boot talks to Paul Moulton about the announcement of an increase of 5p on the cost of a pint of milk from Isle of Man Creameries.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/hw54JgkTIgU



Rob Callister MHK year 4/5

POSTED: yesterday at 7:13 am

Onchan member of the House of Keys Rob Callister looks back on the last year and talks to Paul Moulton about his role in the Quayle Government and especially the tourist sector.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/DGBfpUXePnc


Aurigny Air Services MD Guernsey

POSTED: Tue at 7:15 am

Executive Officer Mark Darby at Aurigny Air Services in Guernsey talks to Paul Moulton about the pros and cons of having a state owned airline, any future collaboration with the Isle of Man and why people still have to wear a face mask on their flight.

 YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/d_Nq8bC-qHI


Howard Quayle MHK year 4/5

POSTED: Mon at 12:25 pm

MHK for Middle and the Isle of Man's Chief Minister Howard Quayle looks back on the last twelve months of his leadership as he talks to Paul Moulton on what he has achieved in that turbulent time.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/kWBVGEV8Z34



Solar energy installation update

POSTED: Mon at 12:24 pm

MD of the AFD Group at the Mountain View Innovation Centre David Dorricott talks to Paul Moulton about the upgrades being made at the complex to produce more solar energy for his company and also the MUA.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/kya3qsIDKzc


Martyn Perkins MHK year 4/5

POSTED: Sun last week

Member for the House of Keys for Garff Martyn Perkins talks to Paul Moulton about how the last twelve months have been for him.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/gyay4q6dn10



Guernsey's Health and Social Care President

POSTED: Sun last week

Guernsey Deputy Heidi Soulsby, who is the Islands Health and SocialCare President, talks to Paul Moulton about how they dealt with Covid-19 and why they took a different direction to their near neighbour Jersey. 

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/a1YGIHE_Hag


Isle of Man Bank Castletown:petition

POSTED: Fri last week

talks to Paul Moulton, giving his views on why it should stay open.

 YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/d_s4bmHWXaU


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