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Douglas promwatch (1): December 2020

POSTED: yesterday at 3:09 pm

Moulton speaks to the Minister for the Department of Infrastructure Tim Baker MHK and starts by asking him why some of the red concert is now being removed and replaced.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/od9OWXTi0YQ


Hector Duff war veteran

POSTED: yesterday at 12:18 pm

Government House was the setting for a very special birthday party as war hero Hector Duff celebrated his 100th birthday.as friends and family wished him the best, including a card from the Lord of Mann.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/w6zBErY-z3c


Juan and the Beanstalk: the alternative Christmas pantomime

POSTED: Wed at 7:07 am

Michelle James and Chloe Shimmin from Hello Little People talk to Paul Moulton about their special alternative Christmas pantomime Juan and the Beanstalk taking place at Christmas in the Nunnery.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/Z42QqNKHztQ


David Ashford MHK Minister for Health

POSTED: Tue at 7:10 am

Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford talks to Mark O'Connor with his weekly update interview on the situation in the Isle of Man and the news of the cancellation of the 2021 TT

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/hj_pGndCo5I


Isle of Man 2021 TT cancelled

POSTED: Mon at 2:52 pm

News from the Isle of Man Government today that the 2021 TT will not be taking place. With all the details Lawerence Skelly MHK, Minister for the Departmentment for Enterprise.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/OG-XW8fuki4


Extraordinary Islandersat the Nunnery

POSTED: Fri last week

Helen Summerscales from Isle of Man Advertising and  Alet Grobler from the Nunnery talk to Paul Moulton about the Extraordinary Islanders event which will be staged at their new complex in the new year 

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/kBI847k6jk0


House of Keys question on mobility scooters

POSTED: Fri last week

Department for Infrastructure Minister Baker faced questions in the House of Keys sitting on Tuesday regarding the on going saga of allowing class two mobility scooters on Bus Vannin services. Eric Corkish, who has supplied us with video of his machine getting on and off a bus, talked to Paul Moulton after the sitting.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/-5M5ThqaJgo



The Deer’s Cry: Archibald Knox

POSTED: Fri last week

Phil Craine from the Pilgrimage Isle of Man group talks to Paul Moulton about the presentation on Manx designer Archibald Knox’s famous illuminated manuscript ’The Deer’s Cry’, also known as St Patrick’s Breastplate, given by Yvonne Cresswell, the curator of social history at Manx National Heritage at the Trinity Methodist Church to support the ’Triskelion Way’ heritage pilgrimage trail.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/0eHGRJv7IME


Health Minister: update

POSTED: Tue last week

Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford MHK talks to Paul Moulton about the latest news on the vaccine front, what exactly is allowed during the 14 day isolation and the possibility of the airbridge returning with Guernsey.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/uiRiNC8TD6k


Appropriate Sentences

POSTED: Mon last week

Christine Urquhart for the group Appropriate Sentences for Child Sexual Abuse talks to Paul Moulton about her wish for harder punishments to be handed out in the Isle of Man 

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/2sDqPFUAx_g



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