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The Theory: Kenny Diack

POSTED: Thu last week

TPub Business Manager, Kenny Diack talks about their latest comic release The Theory and how he's hoping it could become a global success for the Isle of Man team behind it.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/0iTbOQ_VftU


South Barrule Forest Park reopens

POSTED: Fri 22-05-2020

As restrictions start to get lifted, we talk with Carl Underwood from the South Barrule Forest Park about how things are starting to get back up and running again.

YouTuber Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/xv_LBd8y_NE


Isle of Man Dental Association

POSTED: Thu 21-05-2020

Mark Hepworth from the Isle of Man Dental Association explains what will be happening, as far as their members are concerned, under  new directions given by the Manx Government.

 YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/Gt0AuKtoiYM


Christian Varley completes all 19 marathons

POSTED: Tue 19-05-2020

See the moment that Christian Varley completes his 19th marathon in 19 days raising many thousands of pounds in the process for the Manx Solidarity Fund.

YouTube Ultra HD/4K: https://youtu.be/7W4pUXYTP8M


Coronavirus lockdown: virtual world technologies

POSTED: Tue 19-05-2020

Managing Director of Habet Addiction Healthcare Dion Croom explains what his Isle of Man company is doing in virtual world technologies and how it be used to help people with mental health issues during the coronavirus lockdown.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/8vkIgJCNJxw


Manx SPCA update

POSTED: Mon 18-05-2020

Liam Rice from the MSPCA tells us about how the animal charity is continuing to operate during the coronavirus lockdown.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/esVgufjQ8mk




Minister David Ashford: viewers Q&A

POSTED: Mon 18-05-2020

We've received many requests from MTTV viewers over the weeks to put their own questions to the press conference panel, but due to the time limits of the event it has not been possible. Now with this extended interview with the Minister for Health Social Care David Ashford, he answers some of those questions.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/DaYwREoMozM



Appealing for support to getback to the island

POSTED: Mon 18-05-2020

A family are appealing for support to get back to the Isle of Man after the tragic death of their mum however due to the current restrictions they have been told that they would not be able to return. 

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/Oku1R7zURHU


Health & Social Care Minister David Ashford

POSTED: Sun 17-05-2020

An extended interview with Isle of Man Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford MHK, where we get a chance to ask more than just the two questions in the daily press conference. David brings us up to date with the latest situation and talks more about the Island's situation.

YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/p7EWHayFERg


Returning home: Geoff Allen

POSTED: Sat 16-05-2020

Its the last part of the journey for Isle of Man resident Geoff Allen who has finally made it back onto Manx soil. We catch up with for his views on how it all went.

 YouTube HD: https://youtu.be/erWYvK-LXhs


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